Community Concerns

Committed to Our Community

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Growth is an inevitable part of Elk Ridge. We are growing at a much faster pace then the city anticipated. It is private property owners right to develop their property. As much as we all love the rural feel of Elk Ridge we will see continued development. We can work with developers to help maintain the feel and vision of our city that we love so much. While we can't stop growth, what we can control is how that growth happens. We can make sure developers are following the city's plan. We can make sure that if developers are asking for concessions on zoning, roads, etc., that the city is being properly compensated. We moved here from the fastest growing zip code in the nation. I have seen first hand how exponential growth can be handled.


As Elk Ridge grows so will its expenses. We need to make sure that items in the capital facilities plan are being funded in a way that projects can be properly executed when the time comes. We need to make sure that contracts are being properly bid. It is the city council's job to make sure that citizens are getting the very best in services and supplies for the best price. We need to make sure as we grow that spending reflects the best interests of the citizens of Elk Ridge.

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Transparency and Communication

Our community benefits when we can speak freely with one another and can have open dialogue with our leaders.  We need to make transparency and communication a priority for our city.  City government works best when the voices that they represent are in all levels of decision making. My priority is to make sure communication remains a two way street.